We spark change where it counts, acting as a potent catalyst for transformation. Our purpose is clear: safeguarding the rainforest’s delicate balance and empowering Indigenous communities, as well as helping local farming communities to thrive.

We forge an unbreakable alliance with NGOs like SOS Amazônia, enhancing our impact through unity.

We ensure authenticity and ethical commitment in all our projects, fostering unwavering support within our organization and with our partners.

We advocate on both international and national stages, engaging directly with Indigenous villages, providing resources, expertise, and technology to empower our partners and communities.

In collaboration with BFUCA, we ensure equitable fund distribution, fueling sustainable growth in the heart of the Amazon. We mobilize resources through events like Planethon, connecting investors with carbon credit programs. Every NGO under our umbrella commits to UNESCO, demonstrating our dedication to Amazon protection.