THIERRY KLEMENIUK has always felt strongly about the environment. He became an environmental activist as an 8-year-old child when the military razed the forests near his childhood home. This commitment to nature continues to burn brightly within him, inspiring him to seek technical, practical and sustainable solutions.

Thierry worked as a music, TV and film producer and successfully ran renowned restaurants in and clubs in Paris for over two decades.

Through his 25 years of event organization, he understands the power of bringing people together around a shared dream or goal. His diverse experiences have taught him the value of communication and how to effectively unite people for a common cause.

He believes that visibility and communication are essential, and he aims to create a PLANETHON, a worldwide fundraising event.

Today, he is combining his environmental and event-related skills for the good of the planet and for the success of Amazônia Fund Alliance Program.


Founder’s Message from Thierry Klemeniuk

Life’s intricate web thrives when collaboration and change unfold. The Amazônia Fund Alliance Program illustrates shared purpose’s power—an invitation to positive transformation.

As a co-founder, I invite impact and innovation enthusiasts. My background in music and entertainment revealed a stage for change alongside corporate strength. This initiative lets you make an ecological progress mark. I believe in connection’s alchemy, uniting corporations and conservationists for transformative power. This program is a lasting blend of action, purpose, and passion, starting in the rainforest but echoing globally.

Together, we shape a sustainable future. Use visibility and communication to inspire others to join us.