JOIN SPVS strategy AND HELP promote the protection of 1.5 million hectares of the largest continuous remnant of the SPVS Mata Atlântica along the coast of three Brazilian States – Santa Catarina and Paraná in the South and São Paulo. The concept is that natural areas managed with high conserva- tion standards can be promoted as territories that are ensuring the ecosystem services («producing nature»). Thus, the concept allows a shift regarding the value of the protected areas within the society. The conservation of these areas can consequent- ly generate a positive spillover effect for the neighboring communities mainly through ecotourism-based economy.

PARTICIPATE TO the conservation work in these areas is undertaken through Management Plans aimed at enforcement, at the restoration of degraded sites, monitoring wildlife, implementing public use, Education for Conservation and developing the neighbouring local communities.

BEYOND WATER is helping the world become nett producers of our most precious resource for the greater good of our communities, economies and our planet.

The Solution Is In The Air : Only 1% of all water present in the atmosphere is enough to meet the total requirement for all of humanity. There is SIX times as much water in the atmosphere than all of the world’s rivers. All this water is RECYCLED 40 X per annum via the hydrologic cycle. It’s a phenomenal untapped resource. Until now.

ALIGN WITH BEYOND WATER and HELP by sending the machines directly to the Amazônian communities, and giving them 100% Pure Zero waste, decentralised, sca- lable, running off renewable, economical, IOT Ready, hassle-free maintenance water access.

BFUCA UNESCO, through the AMAZÔNIA FUND ALLIANCE PROGRAM partners and NGOs involved in the Amazôn, formulated and idealized the construction of sustainable housing villages. The name of this ambitious project is SUSTAINABLE VILLAGES.

The villages were designed to meet the needs of the residents of the riparian region and indigenous villages, integrating them into a decent and sustainable housing scenario. To build their lives in peace, dignity and respect for the environment. In addition to all the modern sustainability features, the villa will also have features that promote coexistence.

To manage these resources, a Cooperative will be created among the residents of the Villas, allowing the management and distribution of a more balanced income.

Projects SOS Amazônia
To promote conservation in such an exten- sive area and serve the least assisted and more distant populations, SOS Amazônia focuses on two lines of projects. The first line is to increase the business of agro- extractive communities with forest products, to gene- rate income and discourage deforestation. The second line is to encourage and support the restoration of degraded areas with the implementation of agroforestry systems, and with that, enable more sales in local and institutional markets, contributing in a way to the food security of families, and income generation.

Join SOS AMAZÔNIA and support their initiatives, including Community Industries, Soap Factory, Production of Wild Cocoa Almonds & Seedling production and forest restoration projects, considering an investment period of 5 years, including the operational and administrative costs of the local organizations.

Ancestors of the Future Fund
We are the ancestors of future generations, and we have the responsibility to consider them in our decisions and actions. Alok Institute, Global Compat (UN – Brazil) and WeLight invite individuals, foundations and companies to participate in building a philanthropic fund for the development of productions of indigenous directors in cinema, music, games and web3 to empower them for a leading presence in the “audio-visual territory” and to contribute to a re-perception of their image in Western Society. It is an ecosystem where ancestral indigenous wisdom and contemporary technology meet. Native peoples carry a large part of the ancestry that creates the roots of Brazilian culture and are the guardians of nature in terms of biodiversity and forest conservation.

●  Support indigenous cultural expression to contribute to a re-perception of their image in Western society;
●  Deepen the experience between future/tech and the ancestral indigenous wisdom;
●  Create entrepreneurial opportunities for indigenous peoples – individuals, associations and cooperatives;
●  Collaborate with indigenous villages life plans in a context of respect for their rights and their strategic role for conservation.

We Support
Productions of indigenous directors in cinema, music, games and web3 to empower them for a leading presence in the “audio-visual territory”,

To expand society’s knowledge and admiration for the indigenous cosmo-vision, Indicators
Increase the indigenous productions for the main entertainment industry; Increase of indigenous families income; Number of views and sharing of indigenous productions; International recognition through awards and press repercussion, Expected results 
Productions of sufficient quality to position the indigenous people in the entertainment industry market, increase their skills in the area, revelation of indigenous talents, opportunities for entrepreneurship and employ-ability.

Division of Resources
●  80% must be applied to the financing of projects approved in public grants or curated by the management committee;
●  Up to 20% may be used for operational and administrative purposes;
●  Resources not used in the same year will remain available in the FUND for the following year;
●  The financial resources must be invested in extremely conservative portfolios with ESG curation.

Financial Support – Basic Rules
●  The Beneficiaries (individuals or legal entities) must sign a contract containing responsibilities, goals, deadlines, result indicators and financial disbursement conditions;
●  Money transfers are possible only to an account opened specifically for the project, holded by proposing organization;
●  Disbursements must take place as determined in the public call or in a rule established by the project curatorship made by the Management Committee.