BBEYOND WATER is helping the world become net producers of our most precious resource for the greater good of our communities, economies and our planet.

The Solution Is In The Air: Only 1% of all water present in the atmosphere is enough to meet the total requirement for all of humanity. There is SIX times as much water in the atmosphere than all of the world’s rivers. All this water is RECYCLED 40 X per annum via the hydrologic cycle. It’s a phenomenal untapped resource. Until now.

ALIGN WITH BEYOND WATER and HELP by sending the machines directly to the Amazônian communities, and giving them 100% Pure Zero waste, de-centralised, scalable, run-off renewable, economical, IOT Ready, hassle-free maintenance water access:



BFUCA UNESCO through the AMAZÔNIA FUND ALLIANCE PROGRAM partners and NGOs involved in the Amazôn, formulated and idealized the construction of sustainable housing villages. The name of this ambitious project is SUSTAINABLE VILLAGES.

The villages were designed to meet the needs of the residents of the Riparian region and indigenous villages, integrating them into a sustainable housing scenario in order to promote peace, dignity and respect for the environment. In addition to all the modern sustainability features, the villa will also have features that support coexistence.

To manage these resources, a Cooperative will be created among the residents of the Villas, allowing the management and distribution of a more balanced income.



Projects SOS Amazônia
To promote conservation in such an extensive area and serve the least assisted and more distant populations, SOS Amazônia focuses on two arenas. The first is to increase the business of agro-extractive communities with forest products, to generate income and discourage deforestation. The second is to encourage and support the restoration of degraded areas with the implementation of agroforestry systems, and with that, enable more sales in local and institutional markets, contributing to the food security of families, and income generation.

Join SOS AMAZÔNIA and support their initiatives, including Community Industries, Soap Factory, Production of Wild Cocoa Almonds & Seedling production and forest restoration projects, many of which benefit from an investment period of 5 years that cover the operational and administrative costs of the local organizations: