JEAN-CHARLES JOUGLA radiates a strong presence and possesses interpersonal skills that draw people to him. This strength has led him to envision working through the AMAZÔNIA FUND ALLIANCE PROGRAM to organize international-scale fundraising events on behalf of Mother Nature.

JC has worked as a political advisor all over the world. He and Thierry share the same values and are capable of combining their abilities to render this project a success.

Jean-Charles always dreams big, so AMAZÔNIA FUND ALLIANCE PROGRAM is a first step of many still to come; a project with no boundaries, just like Mother Nature itself.

He also loves interacting with people as well as creating ties and knows that the strength of the AMAZÔNIA FUND ALLIANCE PROGRAM lies in direct contact with the field, the Earth, its population and its communities.


Founder’s Message from Jean-Charles Jougla

In the heart of the Brazilian rainforest lies a vibrant tapestry of interconnected life, reflecting our collective aspirations.

As a co-founder, I leverage my extensive experience as a political advisor to support the Amazônia Fund Alliance Program in its mission to champion the rights of local communities, fostering their unity and fortifying the enduring spirit of nature.

This program is more than a project; it’s a change catalyst, poised to make an indelible mark on our planet. Our journey begins here but knows no bounds. I’m a visionary with a pragmatic belief in collaboration’s potential. This program is the cornerstone of a lasting legacy, starting with a single step toward unity.

Together, we’re architects of transformation, bridging humanity and nature. Let’s engage directly, building connections across ecosystems and organizations.

Safeguarding the Amazon offers hope for all life on Earth.