The Better World Fund Event: Uniting Charity and Movie Stars for a Brighter Future


May 21, 2023

The Better World Fund Event, a symphony of charity and star-studded brilliance, unfolded like a tapestry of emotions at the prestigious Carlton Cannes Hotel on the enchanting evening of May 21, 2023.

With grace and humility, iconic figures such as Leonardo Di Caprio, the Brazilian delegation, and indigenous representatives graced the occasion, answering the heartfelt invitation extended by the Amazonia Fund Alliance.

From every corner of the globe, passionate souls, including Liz McComb, Arisa, Georges Tomb, Alok Petrillo, Yury Revich, Fisher Stevens, Kelly Piquet, Kiera Chaplin, Tony Nader, Hofit Golan, Swan Sit, Johanna Plafsky, Richard Orlinski, Alvaro Nuñez, Scottie Thomtson, Tom Volf, Elie BNC, and the United Choirs, gathered under one roof.

Within the opulent halls of the Carlton Cannes Hotel, adorned with splendour, two consecutive days, the 21st and 22nd of May, witnessed a congregation driven by an unwavering commitment to effecting social change. Their purpose was to illuminate the path to a better world, a shared sentiment that reverberated throughout the gathering.

The Better World Fund extends its deepest gratitude to the Amazônia Fund Alliance Program and its Co-Founders, Thierry Klemeniuk and Jean-Charles Jougla, for the gracious invitation extended to luminaries such as Leonardo Di Caprio, Fisher Stevens, DJ Alok, and the esteemed Brazilian and Indigenous Officials, including the indomitable Ms Sonia Guajajara, Minister of Indigenous Peoples, the esteemed Ms Célia Xakriabá, Federal Deputy of Brazil, the passionate Mr Osmar Almeida Junior, Secretary of State, Ministry of Social Development of Brazil, and the venerable Chief Raoni, Mapu.

Never before has an event united such eminent indigenous personalities under one roof, an extraordinary achievement that fills us with immense pride. The partnership with Amazônia Fund Alliance Program for this event has been an immense pleasure, and we eagerly anticipate the dawn of a beautiful collaboration.

This year, the Better World Fund bestowed recognition upon individuals whose hearts beat with an unwavering dedication to social and environmental causes:
– Arisa (Italy) received a Best Commitment Award
– Sônia Guajajara (Brazil) received a Best Achievement Award

– Liz McComb (USA) received a Best Commitment Award
– Alice Chen (USA) received a Best Achievement Award
– Karine Gros (France) received an Academia for a Better World Trophy
– Tom Volf received the Best Achievement in Cinematography Award
– Ahmad Jamal (USA) received a Best Achievement Award

– Enzo Di Taranto (USA) received a Best Commitment Award
– Alok Petrillo (Brazil) received a Best Achievement Award

The funds raised during this transformative occasion found their purpose in two noble causes, each representing a beacon of hope within their respective realms.

The Akbaraly Foundation, driven by the visionary Cinzia Akbaraly, tirelessly endeavours to champion the fundamental rights of women and children in Madagascar. Equally deserving of support is the Amazônia Fund Alliance Program, an initiative under the auspices of the Brazilian Federation of UNESCO (BFUCA). This program stands as a guardian of the invaluable Amazonian ecosystems, fiercely advocating for their preservation and safeguarding the beauty and life they hold within.

The overwhelming turnout and boundless generosity witnessed at this grand affair left an indelible mark on Manuel Collas de la Roche, the driving force behind this momentous event. Reflecting on the evening, he overflowed with gratitude for the remarkable display of solidarity, emphasizing the transformative power that emerges when individuals transcend self-interest and unite in pursuit of projects that uplift entire communities.

At the core of the International Film Festival, Collas de la Roche holds a profound belief in the film industry’s potential as a medium for disseminating social, educational, and environmental values, shaping our collective consciousness and inspiring change. […]

The 2023 edition, carefully crafted to empower and celebrate the younger generation, underscored their pivotal role in shaping the future and carving a path toward a “better world.” The captivating conference titled “Youth’s Got the power,” organized and led by young people, for young people, left an indelible mark on all who bore witness, serving as a testament to the immense potential harboured within the upcoming generation.

As the Better World Fund looks ahead, its gaze rests upon the 80th edition of the Festival, poised to take place at the Venice Film Festival on the 7th, 8th, and 9th of September 2023. In a momentous tribute to the Maria Callas Foundation on its centenary, esteemed luminaries, including the captivating Monica Bellucci and the visionary Tom Volf, will grace the occasion, adding to its grandeur. The forthcoming instalment of the Better World Fund program promises to be an enriching, constructive, and awe-inspiring experience, set against the backdrop of magnificent Palazzos such as the Ca’ Sagredo Hotel, the Cipriani Hotel, and the Misericordia di Venezia.

With an unwavering determination and a profound call to action, Manuel Collas de la Roche and Emily Cheong extend a heartfelt invitation to collectively reenchant the world, urging individuals to transcend the boundaries of self and embrace the transformative power that lies within unity. Together, let us embark on a journey from ‘I’ to ‘we’, for it is in our unity that we shall sculpt a world where compassion, hope, and positive change reign supreme.

– by Massimo Basile,
  Editorial Director, Célèbre Magazine World –