Executive Vice Chairman, Bank of America

Julian is an Executive Vice Chairman of Bank of America’s corporate and investment bank. He focuses on key clients globally within the Natural Resources and Energy Transition space.

He also leads the firm’s international ESG Strategic Council; serves as a commissioner on the Energy Transitions Commission; and is a Business Fellow of the Smith School for Environment and Enterprise at Oxford University.
Outside the bank, he is an active philanthropist and a charity board member.  And he has trekked in aid of charity to both the North and South Pole, amongst other charity challenge.
He is also an impact investor, focused in particular on the fields of medical research and technology, education and the environment.
In addition to being a foundation donor at the time of the establishment of of the Amazon Fund Alliance, he is also on the board of Planethon 365, a charitable association focused on raising money for causes and initiatives like the Amazon Fund Alliance that protect and preserve the resources of our planet.


Founder’s Message from Julian Mylchreest

I co-founded the Amazônia Fund Alliance Program with unwavering commitment, transcending boundaries as stewards of the planet. Throughout my career, collaboration, innovation, and a pursuit of a better future have shown their power, igniting our energy.

The Amazon is not only a wonder but also a testament to nature’s beauty, housing biodiversity, and sustaining global life. Our program unites resources, expertise, and innovative strategies for Amazon preservation, community upliftment, focusing on conservation, sustainable development, and empowerment.

I’m privileged to work with exceptional minds and a global community sharing our urgent mission, believing in overcoming challenges through visionary collaboration.

Join us on this journey.