Jason Dodier is an international business professional, a visionary, and Co-Founder of the GRAIN Ecosystem.

Jason Dodier’s mission is to revolutionize global project development by harnessing the power of digitization, transparency, and enhanced access to capital. This endeavor is dedicated to empowering project developers worldwide to achieve ambitious carbon sequestration goals mandated by the global climate agenda.

Situated at the heart of New York City, Jason played a pioneering role in advancing Energy as a Service micro-grids in the United States, notably contributing to the inception and progress of what is soon to be the groundbreaking of JFK’s New Terminal One Microgrid. Envisioned to be the largest rooftop terminal solar array in the United States, this project stands as a testament to Jason’s unyielding dedication to propelling digital transformation and championing sustainable endeavors.

Over the course of his career, Jason has cultivated a rich tapestry of experiences, spanning the United States, the Middle East, and Europe. His diverse roles in operations, business development, marketing, and sales management at Schneider Electric, SE, have honed his expertise and strategic acumen.

Presently, Jason serves as an ambassador within the sustainability sphere. He champions the fusion of information technology and educational reform, leveraging his influential platform to deliver compelling speeches and forge profound connections with industry leaders.

In addition to his impactful work, Jason co-founded Fountainhead Rhode Island, a forward-thinking non-profit organization based in Rhode Island. This innovative entity has earned distinction in the broader New England region for its transformative initiatives. Jason’s dual role as a trailblazer in sustainable energy solutions and a driving force behind transformative non-profit endeavors underscores his commitment to shaping a more sustainable and progressive future.

CCO & Co-Founder of GRAIN Ecosystemhttps://www.grainecosystem.com/