Amazônia Fund Alliance Confederation Guidelines

The Amazônia Fund Alliance (AFA) is committed to preserving the Amazon and promoting global environmental harmony. AFA operates through a confederation model, uniting independent affiliates worldwide to effectively protect the Amazon and foster a sustainable ecosystem.

Core Principles
– Rules of Affiliation: AFA affiliates adhere to affiliation and program selection rules
– Autonomous Operations: Affiliates maintain autonomy with transparency and monitoring standards
– Balancing Diverse Needs: Confederation avoids competition and conflicting objectives
– Program Harmonization: AFA ensures harmonization of programs for integrated development
– Enhanced Exchanges: Facilitates standardized reporting between local initiatives

Compliance Criteria
– Understanding Objectives: Affiliates deeply understand their actions’ origin and purpose
– Global Strategy Integration: Actions align with global priorities, complementing existing efforts
– Categorizing Objectives: Actions are categorized based on priority

Strength of Federated Actions
– Project Leader Evaluation: Affiliates assess project leader qualifications
– Profitability Assessment: Evaluate financial viability and income sources
– Transparent Governance: Examine governance structures and transparency

– Local Support: Verify support from local authorities and assess renewals
– Civil Society Engagement: Evaluate involvement of civil society, opinion leaders, and social networks
– Impact Assessment: Analyze direct and indirect impacts on developments
– Resource Mobilization: Assess actions’ ability to mobilize local resources
– Territoriality: Emphasize respect for local traditions and indigenous populations

– Standardized Reporting: Develop reporting formats for consistent information sharing
– Achievement Scoring: Implement a scoring model to track progress
– Transparency and Feedback: Publish action summaries and consultation results

– Reinforcing Projects: AFA sets criteria and offers support to enhance project excellence
– Financial Robustness: Aid in strengthening business plans and identifying subsidy sources
– Governance Support: Help navigate governance complexities and ensure transparency
– Structuring Capital: Distinguish between risks to secure financing

Promote Visibility
– Event Organization: Leverage AFA’s event capabilities and network to enhance visibility
– Common Brand: Build a common brand based on eligibility and governance criteria
– Coordinated Communication: Develop strategies for a consistent presence

Invest in Actions and Projects
– Fund Collection: Organize sustainable fund collection through sponsorships and events
– Financial Assistance: Offer support for actions and projects
– Loyalty and Promotion: Promote project leaders, teams, and local support in line with ethical principles