The Amazônia Fund Alliance Program, partnered with BFUCA, the UNESCO Brazilian Federation of Clubs & Associations, aims to unite nonprofits and sustainability-focused companies to safeguard precious ecosystems.

We believe in forging an unbreakable alliance for the benefit of Indigenous communities and their rainforest home. Tropical rainforests are the lifeblood of our planet, and our purpose is to secure a healthier Earth, safe drinking water, thriving forests, and community solidarity.

Our mission is not only to protect the environment through charitable initiatives but also to bring economic sustainability to each project through donations and investments. We are committed to assisting the farmers and breeders in revitalizing the land, and introduce the most innovative technological tools. We actively participate in the battle against illegal logging, recognizing that tropical rainforests are the lungs of our planet. Through these multifaceted efforts, we aim to secure a healthier Earth, ensure access to safe drinking water, promote the flourishing of forests, and foster community solidarity, particularly benefiting Indigenous communities and preserving their invaluable rainforest home.

Through this program, we build connections transcending boundaries, beginning in the Amazon Rainforest and Mata Atlântica region but with a global vision. Our mission is to direct funds where they are needed most—to Indigenous communities and their rainforest protection efforts.

We pledge to take determined, innovative action for a healthier planet, forming a powerful eco-community that leverages technology and social media to amplify our message. With the support of BFUCA, the UNESCO Brazilian Federation of Clubs & Associations, and AMAZÔNIA FUND CLUB Events, we finance and promote sustainable projects in the Amazon, collaborating with respected Brazilian nonprofits.

We are not just a fund; we are a movement, uniting, empowering, and transforming, honoring our planet’s beauty and resilience.