Cibola Partners, Pioneers in Climate Finance and Mitigation and Resilient Strategies.
A trusted collaborator since 2007, Cibola Partners working alongside governments and corporations to elevate sustainability efforts. Blends geopolitical insights, anticipation of future regulations, and in-depth impact analysis, Cibola Partners craft strategies aimed at achieving net-zero emissions, fostering resilience and forging effective pathways for energy transition. 


    Cofirenov, Partners for Renewable Energy Investments.
Cofirenov empowers companies seeking renewable energy investments to evaluate assets and offset carbon footprints through charitable actions, bridging financial valuation with environmental commitment.


Unlocking carbon removal offsets to save our planet.


    We are an event and advertising agency based in Paris and Los Angeles. We are explorers on a quest for strong emotions and collective adventures.


PRO-NATURA International, NGO Championing Rural Development, Biodiversity, and Climate Resilience.
PRO-NATURA International, a pioneering “Southern” NGO since 1985, champions rural development, biodiversity protection, and climate change prevention in the Developing World, transforming challenges into opportunities for a sustainable future.