Every year, the date of “Earth Overshoot Day” arrives sooner… too soon.

This is a symbolic date that marks the day when mankind has consumed more resources than our ecosystems can produce. date of the overshoot could become the day for surpassing oneself, supporting a transformation involving every citizen on earth.

Planethon-365 was created because daily actions are essential and #everydaycounts for the preservation of resources and ecosystems, for our health, for a different kind of nutrition, for a viable climate trajectory and for the resilience of our lands.

Planethon-365 celebrates men and women, all over the world, who bear and implement specific projects and solutions that have a social and environmental impact on people and the earth. Planethon-365 highlights, the benefits of these actions for communities and nature, and encourages people to multiply such initiatives and to ensure more and more people commit to these actions.

Planethon-365 is creating an annual media event inspired by the success of the mobilization seen in the Telethon. Planethon-365 defends a universal cause: the urgency of preserving the planet’s resources to protect humans and all living things.

Based on a selection of projects that will benefit from the donations collected, Planethon offers a world tour of pictures and testimonies: change-makers, project managers and celebrities share their commitment: men women and children.

Planethon-365 will use the most demanding ethical methodology to guarantee complete transparency in the collection and use of funding. Planéthon-365 calls upon scientific counsel and an ethics committee comprised of experts, but also leaves plenty of scope for public participation.

#everydaycounts and all over the world millions of citizens, scientists, companies and organizations are committed to fighting against the clock to re-invent ways of living, producing and consuming that are more respectful of living things.

Planethon-365’s aims are as follows:

●  To contribute to the ecological, social and societal transformation of our planet.

●  To contribute to actions that protect ecosystems, preserve resources and help reduce social and ecological inequality.

●  To allow the public at large and companies to take specific action in favour of solidarity and social justice in the world.

●  To contribute to achieving the 17 aims of sustainable development.

●  To highlight the efficient solutions that exist and are worthy of deployment on a broader scale.



Planethon-365’s mission is to act for the preservation of our planet:

Specific actions will be implemented to resolve urgent causes in France, Europe and throughout the world and to assign funding to organizations to act and bring SOLUTIONS.

Planethon-365 will mainly focus its actions on any solution that preserves resources and contributes to reducing social and ecological inequality. Solutions do exist but they must be made known and deployed worldwide.
Planethon-365 will select projects presented by associations that work in the field to provide solutions and to promote best social and environmental practices and contribute to the attainment of the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Planethon-365 will collect donations to allow the public at large, companies and local communities to play a part in the realization of these projects.

Planethon-365 will organize a Planethon to raise public and private donations and this will be broadcast by the media. An audiovisual marathon will be organized to spotlight these solutions for the planet.

Planethon-365 will assign funds to the projects selected by a jury of experts (scientific/ethics committee) further to an appeal for projects submitted by associations (NGOs).

Planethon-365 can make citizens and companies aware and inform them, year-round, with regard to ecological and socially responsible behavior through events, lectures, documentaries, films, testimonies and an on-line platform.

Planethon-365 can work alongside any organizations whose activities are in tune with our goals. Planethon-365 can be developed and deployed in all partner countries.

1 Solidarity
The world must show solidarity. Citizens, associations and companies must act together to face up to social and environmental challenges: #everydaycounts.

2 Commitment
Planethon-365’s vision is based on the will to commit to its values with regard to all stakeholders and to the community as a whole, in order to build lasting relationships and achieve common goals. Planethon-365’s commitment is a promise and an adventure: building tomorrow’s world together.

3 Efficiency
To achieve the 17 goals of sustainable development, our society must strive to be more efficient and comsume fewer of our natural resources.

4 Fairness
Planethon-365 provides support in a fair manner, without any discrimination and defers to public choice on fair projects.

5 Transparency
Planethon-365 is at the service of the common interest. Planethon-365 subscribes to complete transparency in its governance, its financial management and in all its activities (selecting projects, partnerships, finance, etc.).