Kika MESQUITA, Brazil Director of Operations

Monique ‘Kika’ Mesquita is a journalist, teacher, and a marketing professional with vast experience in different areas of multinational companies. Currently, she is the Director of Operations for the Brazil team at the Amazônia Fund Alliance Program, where she closely monitors projects and provides support for the entire team. Additionally, she works closely with indigenous communities to ensure their voices are heard and their demands are met as fairly and sustainably as possible.

Passionate about indigenous culture, she has written scripts for documentaries, which has allowed her to have close contact with leaders and members of different communities, understand and listen directly to their cultures, medicine, and philosophy. Among the indigenous people she has collaborated with is the spiritual leader Chief Mapu, Huni Kuin, whom she invited to be an ambassador for the Amazônia Fund Alliance Program.
In addition, Kika is the Director of Marketing and co-founder of Agência Transforma, leading the development of strategies to help companies connect with their customers and have a positive impact on society. Kika is also the editor-in-chief of Transforma News, a daily blog that presents inspiring and meaningful stories about music, entertainment, and culture.