The AMAZÔNIA FUND ALLIANCE Program is born of an alliance uniting BFUCA the UNESCO Brazilian Federation of Clubs & Associations and AMAZÔNIA FUND CLUB Events & Promotions to finance the projects of some of the most important Brazilian Non-profit organizations such as SOS AMAZÔNIA and with sustainability-driven pioneer scales-ups and companies to support more than 300 indigenous villages.

We focus on preservation, reforestation and bringing BEYOND WATER‘s atmospheric water generators to the most needed villages, providing them access to pure and drinkable water.

Our aim is to create a worldwide community sharing the same environmental concerns and values through global social media campaigns & high-end galas. Our goal is to fund and promote the best eco projects in the Amazon Rainforest.

We are not a new foundation, we are a program uniting the most prominent Brazilian environmental organisations under ONE banner. Trough the program, BFUCA will directly finance the projects of the non-profit organizations already operating in the Amazon Rainforest.

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