Dr. Vivienne BARDOT, Global Ambassador

With a PhD in Psychology and a cosmopolitan background, Vivienne started conducting cross-cultural studies and soon realized the importance of cultural exchange and acculturation in the realm of mental health. This learning curve brought her closer to the Indigenous communities. Vivienne’s company, VivaLife, merges Indigenous tribes with business opportunities by bringing them investors and buyers for their products, and showcasing these products, as well as art and cultural representations, at high-profile galas and events worldwide.

As a writer and a red-carpet TV host, Vivienne has conducted celebrity interviews focusing on health and environmental issues. She considers herself a natural “merger”, who loves to be with people and learn from everybody, thereby expanding her “social intelligence” skill set. As a Global Ambassador of the Amazônia Fund Alliance Program, Vivienne looks forward to leveraging her breadth of experience and sphere of influence to help expand the visibility and awareness of AFAP, and its important mission to preserve the Amazonian ecosystem and support Indigenous populations.
Vivienne is more than honored to be part of this global movement, the Amazônia Fund Alliance Program, and strives to share the awareness that Mother Nature is the true “Global Citizen”; and like all of us, she needs love, care, maintenance… and preservation.

#everydaycounts, and we must count on each other to achieve these goals!